Private Wealth Services

At Newport Capital Group, we endeavor to understand what matters most to you and your family. We make your financial security our life’s mission by simplifying the confusing aspects of your financial life. We work with you to solve problems and plan for milestones, giving you confidence when you are making important financial decisions that will affect your family’s future.

The deep sense of family culture within our own company setting flows through to our client relationships. As your partner, Newport Capital Group will be your sounding board and trusted source for impartial and educated guidance on all of your important life decisions.

Financial Planning

We take a holistic look at your current financial picture and work with you to create a financial plan that will help you reach your goals. We have developed a multitiered process to become your personal financial concierge. Initially, we learn a lot about you, including your motivations, successes, and goals. Most importantly, we discover what matters most to you. Our goal is to understand your relationships with the most important people in your life and how those relationships affect your financial plans.

Next, we work with you to take stock of your current financial picture, gather data, and start to establish your objectives. We will analyze and evaluate the information we collect and develop a plan that is customized to suit your needs. We make sure you feel comfortable and stay involved throughout the decision-making process. 

Once we develop a plan and set it in motion, we will actively monitor and it to remain aligned with your objectives as your life evolves and changes. Our planning process gives you the freedom and confidence to focus more on enjoying your life and spend less time dealing with financial stress.

Portfolio Management

Once we understand your individual risk and time horizon, we implement a disciplined investment process to manage your portfolio. We build out a diversified allocation using multiple asset classes and investment vehicles. Our investment team monitors your portfolio on a daily basis to ensure it is aligned with your target allocation. The investment committee continuously reviews individual managers and portfolio performance and ensures the current economic environment is reflected when making portfolio adjustments.

  • Holistic Asset Allocation Structure
  • Portfolio Analysis and Goal Alignment
  • Outside Business Opportunity Analysis
  • Monitoring, Rebalancing, Tax Management

Newport Portal

Newport Capital Group helps simplify and organize your financial life. As your personal financial concierge, we will create a window into your financial world with the Newport Portal. 

Our Newport Portal creates a single, easy-to-use login to view your net worth, investments and account information, showing you a real-time, consolidated financial picture. With access to a balance sheet and current or projected cash flows, our discussions become visual, tangible, and easy to understand. 

The Newport Portal is extremely secure and it allows for unlimited document storage and safe document sharing to your most trusted and approved advisors. The Newport Portal is available to you at any time. It is even available via a mobile application, giving you 24/7 access to your information anywhere you go. Having a consistent and comprehensive view of all accounts helps both you and us to better align strategies for your financial objectives.

Estate & Tax Planning

We actively partner with your professional advisors to ensure your current estate and tax plans are appropriate. Proper estate planning, through managing and preserving your assets, will alleviate future burdens to your family. Newport Capital Group will work with your estate planning attorney to ensure your financial picture is mindful and efficient.

Tax planning is a comprehensive, and often stressful, component to a financial plan. Newport Capital Group will partner with your accountant to ensure decisions are made in a tax efficient manner.

  • Gap Analysis of Current Estate Plan
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • CPA and Attorney Coordination
  • Trust Coordination & Administration

Risk Management

After working to establish your financial plan, we will seek to ensure that you have adequate protection from appropriate insurance across all areas of life. Newport Capital Group will carefully consider the risk associated with your plan and conduct a cost-benefit analysis. By helping you understand how you and your assets are being protected in a cost-effective manner, Newport Capital Group will put your mind at ease.