Newport Capital Group’s Domenic DiPiero has been named a 2023 Finalist for PLANADVISER Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year, specifically recognized for Community Impact and Giving Back. This accolade highlights DiPiero’s contributions and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the community through retirement planning initiatives.

Aligned with Newport Capital Group’s core values, DiPiero’s dedication to community welfare stands out, emphasizing the importance of giving back. Grateful for this recognition, DiPiero states, “It is an honor to be acknowledged by PLANADVISER, and this underscores the collective efforts of our team at Newport Capital Group. We are committed to delivering impactful retirement solutions and contributing positively to the communities we serve.”

This accolade from PLANADVISER celebrates the accomplishments of Newport Capital Group and Domenic DiPiero and serves as a driving force for continuing to provide innovative retirement solutions and make a meaningful difference in their community. The team extends its heartfelt thanks to PLANADVISER and reaffirms its steadfast commitment to excellence.