403(b) PLANS

In light of recent legislation, the higher education and not-for-profit sector has become an increasingly significant part of our practice. We’ve helped universities and other not-for-profits become more hands-on and understand the implications that are associated with their fiduciary responsibility under ERISA. Through analysis of our client’s plans, we have consolidated multiple plans to reduce overall fees to the plan sponsor and participants. We’ve been able to form ERISA accounts to fund plan expenses resulting in a cost savings to the plan sponsor.

Newport Capital Group has extensive experience is working with both Investment Committees and Boards of Trustees alike. Although many of the day to day decisions related to retirement plans are delegated to committees, it is often the case that the Board of Trustees serves as the final arbiter on matters of pay or broader corporate strategy. For these situations, Newport Capital Group is often asked to present analysis or offer additional due diligence in order to substantiate change. We invite the opportunity to work with Boards of Trustees and offer our experience andexpertise in matters requiring the approval of a higher authority.