Newport Capital Group traces its roots back 30+ years, beginning as a family office that was established to monitor, manage, and advise one family’s assets and investment needs. The accountants, attorneys, and wealth managers on staff had successfully operated as one unit providing tax, legal, and financial advice for the family. As more people approached us for advice, we realized that our unique situation was attractive to outside clients and Newport Capital Group was established.

To this day, we maintain a highly dedicated team to serve our clients. Our expansion into the institutional space was a natural one for Newport Capital Group. Many of our clients, including prominent business owners and executives, had significant questions about their sponsored qualified retirement plans, questions regarding things like reasonableness of fees, increasing regulation, and rising litigation. Newport Capital Group became the answer, serving as a co-fiduciary partner and as a dedicated, conflict-free, prudent expert. Over the years we have continued to expand our capabilities and depth of talent as we help organizations nationwide offer their employees state-of-the-art retirement plans.

Newport Capital Group is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor* with the SEC under the Investment Advisor Act of 1940, and, as such, must always act in the best interest of our clients. Our undivided client loyalty allows Newport Capital Group to serve in a fiduciary capacity, the highest standard of care available under law. The values that were started over a quarter century ago stay with us today: We operate on the belief that if we hold our clients’ needs as our own, we can significantly improve their financial well-being.

*Being a Registered Investment Advisor does not imply any certain degree of skill or training.